Eye doctor in Yonkers

Eye Doctor in Yonkers

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See your best, and keep your eyes strong and healthy with comprehensive eye care here at Ultimate Spectacle. With comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams, eye disease screenings, dry eye treatment, emergency service, and a complete optical department, you have everything you need in one location.

Get your eyes examined annually so that you can experience optimal vision. You may have existing eyeglasses or contacts, or perhaps you have never needed them in the past. But our eye doctor in Yonkers will conduct various common tests to determine if you need a new or updated prescription for corrective lenses. Glaucoma and macular degeneration are two of the most common eye diseases. Get stand-alone screenings for them, or as part of our routine examination. And there are also various consequences for your ocular well-being that can come about due to diabetes (type 1 and type 2), so our eye doctor in Yonkers will check your eyes for signs of that, as well. Keep in mind that there are no obvious indications of the above eye diseases during their early stages. If you would like to avoid potentially permanent eye damage or vision loss, and maybe even blindness, it is essential that you get tested once per year. Contact lens exams are more detailed than standard eye exams, owing to the fact that your contacts touch your eyes directly. It is precautionary, and smart, to have your conjunctiva, corneas, and eyelids examined prior to getting contact lenses. Dry eyes can be a problem all year round, but particularly during the fall and winter months. And our expert optician has everything you need for great-looking and functional eyeglasses, as well as a full line of contact lenses.

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