10701 Emergency Eye Care

10701 Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye CareĀ in 10701

An eye emergency requires immediate care and attention, and that’s what we provide here at Ultimate Spectacle. Whatever the nature of your problem is, it is essential that you take no unnecessary chances when it comes to your eye health and long term vision. While the results of various problems can cover a range of possible outcomes, the odds are distinctly in your favor by getting timely treatment.

Should you choose our 10701 emergency eye care over going to a hospital ER? That depends on a few things. If you are much closer to the ER, that may be the more appropriate option. However, it’s important to keep in mind that patients are seen there on the basis of severity, so you could end up waiting a considerable time. Even though your circumstances are urgent, someone suffering a heart attack or stroke will, of course, be seen first. Our 10701 emergency eye care will take of your right away, plus you can be certain of getting the specialized, expert care that is only possible with an eye specialist. Some of the most common examples of eye emergencies are chemical contamination, a foreign object stuck in your eye, discharge of any color, obvious inflammation or infection, a swollen eye or eyelid, and any type of alarming symptoms, such as blurry vision, loss of vision, eye pain or redness. But there is no specific set of rules about what is considered an urgent matter. If you’re at all unsure, call us first and we will guide you. But you should definitely not ignore any eye symptoms.

When you need to take advantage of our 10701 emergency eye care, just call us if at all possible, or have someone else do it for you. With some advance notice, we will make sure that our eye specialist is prepared for your arrival.

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